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Mirror Editor graduates with a Masters Degree

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Mirror Editor graduates with a Masters Degree


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MASVINGO – Mirror Assistant Editor in-charge of Chipinge Times and Two Nations, Ellen Mlambo has just graduated with a Masterís Degree in Media and Society Studies.

Mlambo received a book prize for her top performance in the MSU-run programme.

She graduated virtually on November 26 because of the Covid19 lockdown.

Her thesis was on Crisis and Communication; a case of #Zimlivesmatter protest.

Speaking to The Mirror in an interview, Mlambo said she was excited to have completed her Masters five years after completing her first degree. She said she pursued a masters in the  To page T2 same field in order to broaden her knowledge and skills in journalism.

ìI can feel it that I am sharper as a journalist and my knowledge base is far broader. Journalism is a difficult field for women and we have to be well equipped,î said Mlambo. 

Mlambo who was enrolled at Midlands State University (MSU) was awarded an MSU book prize after completing her one and half year program in a class of 13 students. The book prize is usually awarded to best performing students. 

She is yet to receive her accolade from MSU.

She did her undergraduate degree in the same program and at the same institution and completed in 2016 . In her first degree, she was awarded a Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) Award for excelling in journalism while on work related learning.

In her career, Mlambo has scooped awards which include Traffic Safety Council Road Safety student reporter for 2015, Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) Community female journalist for 2016, NJAMA Business Journalist award for 2018, IPEC Funeral Assurance journalist award for 2019, Sundrive Coalition journalist of the year 2019 and many others. –https://masvingomirror.com

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