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Ministry to mobilize donations for 5 Kwekwe teachers

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Ministry to mobilize donations for 5 Kwekwe teachers



KWEKWE – The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is set to mobilize donations for the families of five female Munyati Primary School teachers, Joe Tsungirirai, Everjoy Ngwenya, Sthabile Moyo, Mitchell Maticha and Lesley Mugwidi who perished in a road accident two weeks ago.
Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a Training of Trainers workshop on the rollout of the early warning system for mitigating school dropouts at King Solomon Hotel in Kwekwe on Wednesday afternoon, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Torerayi Moyo said the Ministry will mobilize donations in cash and kind to give to the families of the departed.
“I brainstormed and felt that we need to come up with financial support to the families of the deceased because they were breadwinners and because of that I will personally write letters to well wishers who can contribute whether in kind or financially,” said Moyo.
He said the gap left by the teachers require experienced teachers. One of the teachers, Joe Tsungirirai had served the school for more than 10 years.
“I am told that one of the teachers, Joe had served the school for more than 10 years. We will also support the school in many ways through deployment of teachers who are going to replace the five so my message to the District Schools Inspector (DSI) is we want experienced teachers deployed to that school because those five were highly experienced and were highly committed to duty,” he said.
The Minister also said his office has started to offer counseling services to teachers and learners at the school so that they come to terms with the tragic incident that befell them.

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