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Miners4ED launches Chiredzi chapter

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Miners4ED launches Chiredzi chapter


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CHIREDZI – The Miners for Economic Development (ED) has launched a Chiredzi District chapter.
Masvingo Provincial chairperson for Miners4ED, Rodrick Maumbire, told guests gathered at the launch held at the Commercial Sugarcane Farmers Association of Zimbabwe (CSFAZ) boardroom that he was moving around districts assisting people to enter the mining sector.
“Chiredzi has a lot of minerals and these can be used to develop the whole country at large,” said Maumbire.
The launch was told that miners in Chiredzi have since registered a mining vehicle called Chambala Funza. All small-scale miners are urged to affiliate with Chambala Funza,” said Langton Komanani Chauke, the miners’ district chairperson.
Valuable minerals in Chiredzi are gold, copper, iron, fire clay, ball clay, tungsten, Amethyst, Calcite, red garnets, Caoline, lithium, diamonds and dolomite. This is confirmed by the UZ Department of Mining.
Chambala Funza was registered on August 1, 2023, and helps small-scale miners with registering claims and assists them in looking for investors. So far, 46 miners have registered with Chambala Funza, said Chauke.
“As Miners4ED, we registered a mining syndicate called Chambala Funza. We assist small-scale miners with registering claims, acquiring mining equipment and taking mineral samples.
“If a small-scale miner identifies a claim we help him with the registration process and we get 10% for that. We then look for an investor who gets 50%. The owner gets 25% and 15% of shares are auctioned,” said Chauke.

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