Milk deliveries stop due to bad Chipinge roads


CHIPINGE – Some 200 farmers in Chipinge have been prejudiced of close to a million ZWL in income per month because they cannot deliver their milk to depots in the town owing to inaccessible road networks.

The farmers, according to chairman David Hlokomaya, are producing 2000 litres of milk daily and this is picked up by trucks from Paidamoyo.

Two villages in Ward 9 that is Mugiyo and Paidamoyo have farmers that survive solely on milk production and the development has seen them selling their product to locals at a loss. There is a total of five villages in ward 9.

Ward 9 councilor Habit Magona said the situation is bad for the farmers.

Chipinge Dairy Marketing Board spokesperson who preferred anonymity said, “the situation is very bad due to bad roads, there are some farmers who are far away from collection centres and due to inaccessibility of roads, this reduces volumes of milk resulting in limited volumes that should also feed Zimbabwe.”

“However because they are small scale farmers we go an extra mile to help the farmers so they will not get loses,”she added.

“Mugiyo and Paidamoyo villagers are stranded as the Dairy Marketing Board vehicles that collect the milk to Chipinge Depot are finding it difficult to reach the villages,” said Magona.

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