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Midlands police issues gun amnesty

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Midlands police issues gun amnesty


Sydney Mubaiwa

GWERU – Police in the Midlands province has issued a 12-day amnesty for unlicensed guns holders and those with expired licenses to hand over the firearms at their nearest Police station without any risk of criminal charges.
Midlands Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said the firearms amnesty period is running from October 13 to 25, 2023 in a statement.
“This is a period where all persons who have firearms, ammunition and other related matters without licenses or certificates are allowed to surrender them to the Police without being charged for illegal possession,” he said.
He urged firearm holders to take advantage of the amnesty.
“Also as armed robberies happen in communities residents fear falling victim to crimes where firearms are used thus it is important to have all firearms accounted for,” he said.
Last year, President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced a similar amnesty which saw more than 500 unregistered firearms being surrendered to the Police.
In recent years, Zimbabwe has recorded a surge in armed robberies and murders through the use of unlicensed firearms.

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