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Midlands housing officer nabbed for selling 379 stands

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Midlands housing officer nabbed for selling 379 stands


Elizabeth Mashiri
Midlands Bureau

Gweru – Former Midlands provincial housing officer Matilda Manhambo (63) has been remanded in custody after she was charged for creating 379 stands in Gweru and selling them for personal gain.

She headed a government housing project called Garikai/Hlalani kuhle.

Manhambo was sent to the cooler by Gweru regional magistrate Phatekile Msipa when she appeared at the local courts this afternoon. She will come back to court for bail application on Wednesday.

She is charged with criminal abuse of office after she fraudulently created the residential stands outside a Government masterplan, says the State.

Prosecutor Talent Tadenyika said between 2011 and 2015 Government had a project called Garikai/Hlalani kuhle and in Midlands it was headed by Manhambo.

In the process of discharging her duties she allegedly created 379 stands in Ascot Extension.

The stands were created by altering an approved layout plan number ML80 fitting the stands in open space, wetlands and reserved space.

Manhambo allegedly sold the stands to unsuspecting individuals and pocketed the money. https://masvingomirror.com

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