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Men get 2 years for attempted murder

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Men get 2 years for attempted murder


Trymore Tagwirei

MASVINGO- Regional Magistrate Bishard Chineka has convicted and sentenced two Mushandike men to 24 months in jail for attempted murder.
Herbert Chishoko (47) and Petros Chishoko (25) from Village 16 A in Mushandike Resettlement Area assaulted Tendai Muzibwa (54) and accused her of bewitching their ill relative.
Magistrate Chineka commuted the sentence to 525 hours of community service at Mukonde Primary School in Mushandike.
Prosecutor Innocent Mudzingwa told the court that the incident happened on December 29, 2022, at Village 16 A, Mushandike.
Herbert and Petros’ relative fell ill. They called a faith healer who told them Muzibwa had bewitched their relative.
The duo then approached Muzibwa and accused her of bewitching their relative, and they began assaulting her with Mopane logs.
They then ordered her to remove her curse from their relative. Muzibwa told them she could not remove the curse as she knew nothing about it. The two assaulted her until she said she was responsible for their relative falling ill.
Muzibwa sustained injuries on the back and both legs. She filed a Police report leading to the arrest of Herbert and Petros.

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