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Meeting on civil servants welfare


Meeting on civil servants welfare


A meeting to discuss civil servants’ salaries has been scheduled for next week as the Government moves to continue improving their conditions of service, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister, Professor Paul Mavima, said yesterday.

He said this during the Question and Answer session in the National Assembly.

“We are negotiating with representatives of civil servants on improving their conditions of service. We have another meeting next week on Monday.

“As Government, we have that commitment to improve their conditions of service and that’s why this year alone, we have made periodic reviews to their salaries,” he said.

Apart from reviewing the monetary aspect of the civil servants working conditions, the Government has also committed to offering the non-monetary incentives such as housing, affordable transport and free duty when importing vehicles.

Responding to other questions on the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM), Prof Mavima said Government had increased the number of pupils benefiting from 500 000 to 1,5 million.

“Schools with proper and requisite documentation have already received school fees for the second term. This time we are not only providing tuition fees, but also stationery and uniforms for the learners,” he added.

Prof Mavima also told the National Assembly that Government had commenced grain distribution to vulnerable groups with 15 000 tonnes having been handed to deserving households so far this month.

He added that the figure would be doubled as the country approaches the peak hunger months before next season’s harvests. The country’s grain harvest this year declined due to the erratic rainfall received with an estimated three million people expected to be in need of food assistance. Prof Mavima reiterated that no one would be denied food support based on their political affiliation. Herald

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