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Meet Mr and Mrs Ugly Beitbridge

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Meet Mr and Mrs Ugly Beitbridge



BEITBRIGDE- Peter ‘Marabha’ Gumboreshumba has been voted the 2024 Sundrive Coalition organised Mr Ugly Beitbridge.
He went home with ZAR 2 000 after overcoming competition at Sisterhood Gardens in the border town last Saturday.
Benson Muleya came second and received ZAR1 500 prize money. Elias Muleya came third and went home with ZAR1 000.
Patience Maburuwayo is the only female contender that made it to the final round and was subsequently voted Mrs Ugly Beitbridge. She received ZAR1 000 since she did not have competition.
Gumboreshumba told Two Nations that he is elated to have won the award. He urged everyone to be confident and have self-love.
“This win should inspire everyone to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their differences. It should serve as a reminder that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms, and that true beauty lies in being confident and comfortable in one’s own skin,” he said.
Sundrive Coalition Director Innocent Chenjerai applauded sponsors and attendees for making the event a success.
“We want to join our 2024 Winners in celebration. The contest was a stiff one and adjudicating was not an easy for the judges, allow us to appreciate all our sponsors who came through to support this event monetarily so that we can get money for the winners,” he said.
Some sponsors included Sisterhood Gardens director Rumbi Ndlela, Zero Bars director Edias Gweru, Caroline Musembe and Iprita Hardware.

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