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Media challenged to stick to ethical standards

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Media challenged to stick to ethical standards


THE Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) has challenged the media to stick to ethical standards while disseminating information to allow citizens to make informed electoral choices.

Media practitioners are mandated to give equal coverage to all political parties and players during election seasons.

Speaking during a Twitter discussion titled: The Nexus between Effective Electoral Democracy and the Media in Zimbabwe, Misa advocacy officer Malvern Mkudu said the media plays a pivotal role during elections.

The discussion was hosted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network.

“The media is playing that role, but a lot can be improved to ensure that the media does so in a manner that is up to scratch with our Constitution and recommended by various observer mission reports,” Mkudu said.

“They are critical in ensuring that citizens access critical information to enable them to make electoral choices. The media is there to facilitate that right to freedom of expression. We need other laws to be reformed to enable the media to navigate that role.

 “We need the government to implement recommendations made by observer missions such as the European Union (EU) on the media and standards they need to adhere to play that role.”

Earlier this year, the EU expressed concern over oppressive pieces of legislation like the Data Protection Act and Bills such as the Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill and the envisaged “patriotic provisions” in the Criminal Law Amendment Bill. Newsday

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