MDC Chipinge councillor assaulted at relief registration centre

Raina Madanyika.


MIRROR REPORTER – Police in Chipinge are looking for four women who allegedly assaulted and injured MDC Ward 4 councillor, Raina Madanyika at Matione Primary School in Chipinge where the Social Welfare Department was registering residents for the $600 million Covid-19 relief fund.
Madanyika confirmed the incident and said that she suffered a swollen eye and was left bleeding from the nose. The matter was reported to the Police.
The assault followed a bitter exchange of words between the suspects and Madanyika. Audios in the hands of The Mirror show that Madanyika at one time berated one of the women Ilah Chitenderu for undermining her authority as a councillor and fighting to replace her in the 2023 elections.
Efforts to get a comment from the Police were futile.


The Mirror trekked down the four suspects and they confirmed the incident but said that only Chitenderu assaulted Madanyika after a brawl over registration.
Madanyika said that the suspects have always been fighting her and some of them are members of the MDC while others are members of Zanu PF. She accused a Zanu PF shadow councillor of paying them to destabilise her work and the MDC.
She said that the four arrived at the Matione at around 11am and demanded that they be registered in a programme where only people over the age of 65, the vulnerable and disabled qualified. She said that the basis of their argument was that they were on treatment for terminal diseases.
Madanyika said it was when she tried to bar them that they went for her and assaulted her.
However, Chitenderu said that she assaulted Madanyika because she had scolded her. It is understood that the four went to register because there was a provision for widows.
Chipinge Town Council is an MDC dominated council with all the eight councillors coming from the MDC. However, they seem to be heavily divided among themselves.

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