Mbuya Madzivire dies aged 106

 The late Mbuya Madzivire.

GUTU – Mbuya Madzivire, wife of the late prominent Nyazvidzi farmer Wilfanos Mukuri Madzivire has died at the age of 106.
Mbuya Marita Zvirurami knee Chakabuda died at her home on Wednesday March 25, 2020 and was buried at the family farm in Nyazvidzi, Gutu on Friday last week.
Wilfanos Madzivire was one of the top small scale commercial farmers in Nyazvidzi and he together with Chivhenge are credited with the establishment of Machingambi Primary School in Chitsa.
Speaking at the burial, Mbuya Madzivire’s eldest son Betserai urged the community to respect and look after parents. He said it was a great honour for one to see a parent living up to the age of 106.
He said that in the case of Mbuya Madzivire it was all her children who looked after her. There is no child who could say that he or she had no money to look after Mbuya Madzivire because each one played a role in his or her own way, said Betserai.
“In the case of my siblings, some looked after Mbuya by giving her money, some gave her groceries, some prayed for her and others were here at home taking care of her every day to day needs. Therefore everyone played a tremendous role in looking after our mother,” said Betserai.
Mbuya Madzivire was a devout Reformed Church of Zimbabwe member and Rev Shumbanhete who led the mass described mbuya as a pillar of faith in the church that remained steadfast until the time of death. He thanked her children for showing love and care to their mother until she died.
“Mbuya Madzivire is a woman who knew that life on this earth is temporary. She sought a place in heaven where life is with no end and worked throughout for it. I want to thank her children for setting a good example on how to look after a parent,” said Rev Shumbanhete.
Mbuya Madzivire was born in Gutu to the Chakabuda family. She married her husband in 1934 and they had 10 children that is five girls and five boys.
Of the children, two are former freedom fighters of the second Chimuenga war and they are Betserai and Alex.
Mbuya Madzivire’s 10 children are Jason, Betserai, Richard, Emma, Daniel, Aleta, Ancacaria, Benjamin (Alex), Edith and Jennifer. Mbuya Madzivire has over a 100 grandchildren including great, great great grandchildren.

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