Mberengwa to use RTGS$26 m devolution funds for clinics


MBERENGWA – Mberengwa Rural District Council (MRDC) which has received RTGS$26 636 972 in devolution funds will use a significant chunk for construction of clinics, Mberengwa District Development Co-ordinator Ndeya Nyede has said.
People from Yorks area are walking long distances to health services centers including going as far as Mberengwa. Pregnant women are the worst affected said Nyede.
Part of the money will also be used for purchase of vehicles and procurement of Pastel Evolution Software.
“The front end loader, motorized grader and tipper truck tractor has been purchased and we are waiting for delivery. Bayayi clinic and Marirazhombe clinic construction is still in progress and we hope to complete them by November 1, 2021.
“There are also plans to purchase a vehicle for garbage collection at Mberengwa Centre and construction of a clinic at Yorks Business Centre if we receive the whole allocated funds,” he added.

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