Mberengwa teacher drags village head to court over Gov inputs

Sharon Nyaya

Mberengwa – A teacher from Mberengwa has dragged his village head to court over of an array of issues including unfair distribution of Government inputs, unfair allocation of land and denigrating him in public.

Edmore Shoko, a teacher at Dove Secondary then sought a peace order against Edious Chikwati (74) a village head at Village 1, Grispan under Chief Bvute.

He also wanted Chikwati to step down as a village head.

Shoko told Mberengwa Magistrate Evia Matura that Chikwati insulted him in front of people. The village head also excludes him from Government welfare because he argues that Shoko is a civil servant.

The village head also parceled large tracts of lands to his four sons while the rest of the villagers are overcrowded in a small piece of land, said Shoko.

In defense, Chikwati argued that most of the things that Shoko was saying were hearsay because he did not stay in the village but at a school which is away from the village.

The Magistrate said that most of the matters that Shoko brought were outside her jurisdiction and he urged Shoko to go to the relevant ministries including Lands to get his issues resolved.

She also urged the two to resolve their issues amicably and learn to live with each other.

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