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Mberengwa miner missing


Mberengwa miner missing



MBERENGWA – A Mberengwa family is traumatised after a member, Energy Zvotovengwa who was sitting outside a mine with a brother disappeared when the ground fell in and he has not been seen since that day.

The Mirror is informed that Zvotovengwa has been missing for a month now following the incident that happened on January 9 2022, at Mberengwa’s C Mine. 

Zvotovengwa was in the company of his brother Walter who escaped death after he managed to swim out of the tunnel that the rock fell in.

Midlands Police Spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident to The Mirror and said the case is being held as a missing person case.

He said on January 9 2022, as the deceased and his brother were outside the mine, the ground collapsed and the two were trapped in a tunnel full of water.

After escaping Walter notified other miners about the incident and they searched in the tunnels but Zvotovengwa was nowhere to be found.

Mahoko said there is speculation that Zvotovengwa might have found exit through other tunnels as there are many tunnels in the shaft they fell in.https://masvingomirror.com


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