Mberengwa court stops divorced woman from being evicted

Sharon Nyaya
Mberengwa reporter

Mberengwa – The court has ordered a divorced woman married under traditional custom to stay put at her homestead of 10 years in Mberengwa after the husband tried to evict her and bring in a new wife, Ethel Chivhuro.

Patricia Ndlovu (46) of Stand number 114 Clifton Farm, Mberengwa was married traditionally and also divorced traditionally through the payment of gupuro (a cow) to her parents by her husband Isheunesu Hamauta (47), a mine manager at Camp Mine, Costas Compound.

The divorce case was heard and granted by Chief Mposi who said that despite the development, Ndlovu would continue to stay at the homestead since she has children.

However, Hamauta continued to put pressure on Ndlovu to leave the homestead thereby forcing the later to approach the courts.

Magistrate Evia Matura told Hamauta that he has no right to evict Ndlovu from their matrimonial home without a court order.

She also instructed Ndlovu to go to the clerk of court and report Hamauta for not paying maintenance. https://masvingomirror.com

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