Mberengwa businessmen fight over poor drainage

Sharon Nyaya
Mberengwa reporter

Mberengwa – A poor council drainage system at Mberengwa Growth Point has left business people at each other’s throats as stocks are being damaged by floods that are entering the shops.

Recently two business persons Chipo Mtetwa and Mufaro Zhou clashed after the slabs they built to divert floods from their respective shops started creating problems.

Sources said Mtetwa built a slab in front of her shop to keep out floods but in the process the diverted water ended up in Zhou’s shop. Zhou then also built a slab which redirected floods towards Mtetwa’s shop and the two business people ended up with a lot of damaged goods.

The matter was taken to the Police and it turned acrimonious as the Police allegedly ordered Mtetwa to replace Zhou’s slab that had been destroyed to stop the flooding that was taking place in Mtetwa’s shop.

Mtetwa declined to comment to The Mirror.

Alton Bvudzijena the chairperson of the business community said council has not been attending to the drainage problems after reports were made two years ago. Bvudzijena said Zhou had wrongly constructed his slab and it needed to be destroyed.

Zhou however said that he had suffered losses every rain season because of flooding in his shop. He said that he had called council each time but the local authority always gave the excuse that it did not have money.

One shop owner who declined to be named said the problems at the business centre arise because council doesn’t inspect the construction of buildings so there is no sticking to standards.

Mberengwa Rural District Council (RDC) CEO Thompson Maeresera said is aware of the problem and work on a proper drainage system at the business centre would start soon. He said material for the construction of the drainage system was already in place. https://masvingomirror.com

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