Mbanje is for performing traditional rites – Mwenezi man tells court


MWENEZI- A man who was arrested after being found with 13 mbanje plants that were 1,2m long has told a local magistrate that the herb is for performing traditional rites in line with his family’s culture.

Thembson Mavhundu (61) from Village 2 Bonora, Chief Chitanga said he was ill and will get well on performing the rites using the mbanje.

Mwenezi Resident Magistrate Honesty Musiiwa on Tuesday convicted Mavhundu of Unlawful Cultivation of Dagga and sentenced him to 15 months in prison and five months were suspended on condition that he would not cultivate dagga again.

“I use the weed for traditional purposes. I have my great uncle who died long back and we do traditional ceremonies to appease his spirit. I use mbanje and home-made beer for the rituals. I had to grow the mbanje for the ceremony because I have been finding it difficult to get the weed on the open market,” said Mavhundu.

The State was represented by Patience Mutsikwi.

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