Mbanje all over Chivhu man’s house

Nyasha Musambasi

Chivhu – It was like confetti.

Mbanje, mbanje all over a Chivhu man’s house and yard!

After a tip-off, Police searched Fredy Chekai’s house number 5478 Highview extension for the Indian herb.

They allegedly found mbanje in a metal box, mbanje in a white small bucket placed under a solar panel in the sitting room, mbanje in a cooler box in the bedroom, mbanje in a white plastic placed in a refrigerator and some of it in a red small bag.

All in all the mbanje recovered from Chekai weighed 1,3kg with a street value of RTGS$65 000.

The 46-year-old suspect appeared before Chivhu Magistrate Rufaro Panavanhu on Monday charged with possession of dangerous drugs

He will be back in court on December 18, 2020.

Mike Choto representing the State said on November 6, 2020 detectives searched the suspect’s place after receiving a tip off that he was in possession of dagga.

Upon receiving the information, detectives wen to Chekai’s homestead and carried a systematic search where they found 5 sachets and 11 twists of dagga placed in a metal box, loose dagga in a white small bucket placed under a solar panel in his sitting room.

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