Matutu lambasts MDC in Mwenezi

MWENEZI- Former MDC T MP, Tongai Matutu who recently defected to Zanu PF has lambasted his former party as an organisation that lacks direction and enjoys the suffering of people.
Matutu who joined Zanu PF after losing MDC A provincial elections in 2019 said his former party was full of toxic people.
Matutu was speaking on Saturday at a ZANU PF inter district meeting held at Rutenga hall in Mwenezi and also attended by the party’s provincial chairman and Minister of State for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira.
Matutu who is not defecting from the MDC for the first time described ZANU PF as a good party and said he had a lot to learn from it.
During the time of the late Morgan Tsvangirai, Matutu defected to Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) after making a scathing attack on the man described by many as the father of opposition politics in Zimbabwe.
He returned to the MDC in 2018 only to defect in 2021 and surrender his membership at a Press Conference attended by President Mnangagwa and his Vice, Constantine Chiwengwa.
Chadzamira urged people to focus on the ongoing party restructuring process and registration of voters as the party prepares for 2023 elections.

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