Mataga Police cover ups case against its members

Sharon Nyaya
Mberengwa – Mataga Police in Mberengwa is allegedly refusing to open a docket against two of its members who assaulted and severely injured two civilians.
A medical report by Dr Roy Munyikwa of Musume Hospital dated 06 September 2021 shows that Beset Moyo who was assaulted until he allegedly passed out had bruises and swellings as a result of the attack.
Dr Munyikwa produced another medical report on yet another complainant, Tabvidza Hove who he also says has bruises as a result of the attack by the Police.
Moyo and Hove told The Mirror that they tried to open a docket against the cops who assaulted them but the station refused to hear them and ordered them out of the Police premises.
Midlands Police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko told The Mirror the complainants had a right to raise issues against cops and he asked them and go and see the officer-in-charge at Mataga.
The two also complained that Police in Mataga threatened to frustrate them until they drop their assault allegations against members of the force. On Thursday last week, the two who have since been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest went all the way to court in Mberengwa as per their summons but the Police officer constable Chikomo who raised the docket against them did not pitch up and the docket was also not there.
“Just imagine we have travelled all the way from Mataga to the courts here in Mberengwa but we were told by prosecutors that the officer did not come. Prosecutor Matidaishe Pavazhira tried calling him but his phone is off. Is this what the Police Service Charter says? We have paid $7 usd each the six of us to come here and now we go back empty-handed and we have to pay the same amount going back. This is so vindictive but the Police must allow the court to determine who is wrong us all the Police,” said Innocent Shoko one of the witnesses to the case.
Moyo said that the case started on September 4, 2021 when two cops identified as Dereck Vundla and the other only identified as Nyashanu approached them at Mataga Hotel and wanted to search him. He asked the Police officers to identify them but they refused and he in turn refused to be searched.
The cops continued to assault him while outside the Police station until he was unconscious. He had to be carried into the Police station in a wheelbarrow, he said.
“Two men approached us while we were at a bar at Mataga and demanded to search us. I asked for their IDs but they failed to produce any. They started beating me and dragged me outside the bar. They took away my phone and wallet even as my brother continued pleading with them to stop beating me. The last thing I remember as I passed out was my brother calling relatives at home for help,” said Moyo.
‘There are bruises on the right shoulder, bruising on left iliac crest, tenderness over both flanks, bruising on natal cleft, bruising on both lower limbs, tenderness and mild swelling of left hand on Moyo,” reads one of the medical reports by Dr Munyikwa.
Hove said that Mvundla and Nyashanu were drunk.

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