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Mataga dollarized


Mataga dollarized


The Bond is not accepted as a currency of trade at Mataga Business Center in Mberengwa, this was said at the at a stakeholders meeting of the Chamber of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMES) held at the business centre on Friday last week.
The workshop was held to find reasons why businesses in rural areas are not growing.

The Business community from Mataga told the workshop that one of the problems for Mataga was that the bond has been totally phased out as a currency of trade. They said that this had a negative effect on the growth of business particularly in an environment where all workers are paid in bonds.
Businesswoman Patricia Sibanda urged Government to step in and save the Bond at Mataga.
Speakers said that the dominant currency at Mataga is the Rand because of Mberengwa District’s close proximity to the South African border. This was followed by the US$ and the Bond is not recognized completely.

The Rand is dominantly used at Mataga because goods are ordered from Rutenga which is next to South Africa. The Mataga business community prefers to get their goods from Rutenga instead of Zvishavane because of the bad road to Zvishavane.
The business community said that the feeling one gets is like that are not in Zimbabwe.
The key speakers at the workshop were Midlands Provincial Chairperson Bigboy Murenga and reigning Midlands Businesswoman of the year Sylivia Choruwa.masvingomirror.com

Speaking at the event on business woman Patricia Sibanda urged the government to step up in implementation of the bond to be recognized as local currency.
“The problem is that bonds are not able to purchase anything here. We feel like we are living outside Zimbabwe as Rands are the most preferred currency. We appeal to Government to ensure that the Bond is also used here”, said Sibanda.
Murenga said the problem is a result of shop owners who prefer foreign currency ahead of the RTGS. He said that indeed such a setup has a negative effect on business growth.masvingomirror.com

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