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Masvingo’s twins converge at Alpha Cottage

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Masvingo’s twins converge at Alpha Cottage



MASVINGO–Fifteen different sets of twins converged at Alpha Cottage in Masvingo on Saturday.
It was intriguing to see the identical twins, the fraternal and different gender sets of twins.
They converged under a noble cause, to raise money and support parents from disadvantaged backgrounds who suddenly found themselves blessed with more children than they can fend at a time.

The twins came together under an organisation called Twins Association of Zimbabwe (TAZI) which not only brings together twins but anyone from multiple-births including triplets, quadruplets etc.
The organisation was formed by identical twins Mayor Tendai and Lawyer Farai Katonha.
Katonhas encouraged the twins to unite and help each to move forward.

“We have done a survey around the country and learnt that 75% of twins are coming from vulnerable societies and them being a minority group, twins are always born facing many challenges than a child who has been born alone,
“Whenever a mother gives birth to twins she is supposed to buy everything double from infancy stage until they probably finish university hence you see most twins end up not successful in school or some dropout of school. Therefore as twins we should share business ideas, unite and help each other in growing as TAZI family,” said Katonhas.

TAZI vice presidents, twin Martha and Mercy Nhewedespeaking at the meeting said with the current economic hardships in the country, parents with twins tend to suffer most due to the demands that are always doubled every time.
“We consider ourselves a minority group hence we want to be treated as such getting preferential especially in paying school fees, examination fees and other statutory obligations.

“The association plans to lobby for laws that will see the twins in Zimbabwe getting government assistance like the BEAM program, food assistance and other social services,” said Nhewede.
TAZI is an association that is meant to uplift the livelihoods of twins in Zimbabwe especially those from vulnerable communities.https://masvingomirror.com

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