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Masvingo woman appealing for US$690 for a prosthetic leg

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Masvingo woman appealing for US$690 for a prosthetic leg




MASVINGO- A Masvingo woman, Mouline Sidakwa (55), whose left leg was amputated, is appealing for US$ 690 to buy an artificial limb that costs US$1 500. She has managed to US$810 from well-wishers. 

She was given a limb with wrong measurements after her amputation and she struggles to move around. Sidakwa has developed back and waist pains. Her husband is not employed whilst she is a credit control assistant at Masvingo City Council and is forced to abscond work as the pain takes a toll on her. 

Sidakwa who is diabetic also had another operation to remove a tumour that was growing on her back and she spent 45 days admitted at Gweru General Hospital. She is using three crap bandages to dress the wound every day and this takes up a substantial amount of money. 

“I cannot walk on my own. I am appealing to well-wishers to help me with any amount to get an artificial limb with the correct measurements. I suffer from back and waist pains as the one I got in Harare in 2022 is too long.  My relatives have tried to assist me with other bills. Any amount will take me far. No amount is too small,” said Sidakwa.

Well-wishers can contact her on 0717 037 543/ 0772 297 890 or The Mirror helpline on 0775691380/ 0716895703

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