Masvingo returns to near-full lockdown

Masvingo – It is hard to tell whether we are coming or going in as far as progress on the Covid-19 lockdown is concerned. What makes it worse is that there is a death of information.

Masvingo this morning returned to a near full lockdown with all non-essential services workers being chased out of the city by the Police and military.

Residents woke up to a new order after Government barred all non-essential services sector workers from getting into town. Vehicles formed queues stretching kilometres at roadblocks mounted around the city and anyone without essential service documents were turned back home.

What surprised residents is that the situation had been relaxed for the last two weeks with business getting back to normal except for the informal sector.

Asked for a comment Masvingo Police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa said this is just a routine operation to protect people from crime and to ensure that lockdown rules are adhered to.

Dhewa bemoaned increased activities in the city at a time when there should be a lockdown.

However, analysts said the lockdown was playing well into the hands of Government as it is using it to stop demonstrations against worsening economic conditions. The lockdown is also used to ease pressure on fuel which is in a critical shortage.

There is a heavy Police and military presence in the city including water cannons.

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