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Masvingo records 3 murders in a week

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Masvingo records 3 murders in a week


Trymore Tagwirei

MASVINGO- Three people were murdered in Masvingo Province last week and two of the perpetrators are mentally challenged.
Deputy Police Provincial Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Lorraine Ndlovu confirmed the murders to The Mirror.
The incidents occurred in Zaka, Chivi and Muchakata in Masvingo Rural. All the alleged murderers are on the run.
The first murder occurred on Monday last week at Dzimati Village, Headman Matsveru, Chivi around 8 pm.
Circumstances are that Tafadzwa Chivasa (19) who is mentally challenged allegedly stoned his uncle Girisoni Chivasa (81) over an undisclosed matter.
Girisoni sustained a broken skull. His body was taken to Chivi District Hospital. Tafadzwa is still at large.
The second case occurred at Rwasarira Village, Chief Bota in Zaka on Saturday evening.
Morris Tasanarwo (34) who is mentally challenged allegedly killed his father Misheck Mupata (68).
Circumstances are that Tasaranarwo came home drunk and accused Mutapa of stealing his millet grains.
The two had a misunderstanding. Tasaranarwo struck his father thrice on the head with a hoe. Mutapa bled profusely and died. Tasaranarwo is on the run.
The third incident happened on Saturday around 7 pm, in Mkosi Resettlement Area under Chief Shumba, Masvingo Rural.  
Circumstances are that Enerst Chakauya (43) of Mutekede Village, went for a beer drink at Taurai Murozvi Mabisvu (34) homestead.
After drinking, Chakauya allegedly assaulted Mabisvu’s wife. Mabisvu took a log from the fireplace and struck Chakauya on the cheek and on the head.
Chakauya died on the spot and his body was taken to Masvingo Provincial Hospital. Mabisvu is on the run.
Ndlovu urged those living with mentally challenged people to make sure they receive their medication on time.

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