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Masvingo Provincial Medical Director built a house for a mistress – wife  

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Masvingo Provincial Medical Director built a house for a mistress – wife  


Simbarashe Mtembo


MASVINGO – The wife of Dr Amadeus Shamhu, Masvingo Provincial Medical Director (PMD) broke down in court on Monday when she narrated how her husband built a house in Runyararo South West for a mistress when his family did not have their own and are staying in a Government house.

Tatyana Shamhu is suing her husband’s mistress Ancercaria Taderera for US$50 000 in damages for the adulterous affair.

She also alleged that Shamhu bought a car for Taderera when she did not have any and showered his in-laws and relatives with gifts when he had never done the same to her family. She said she did not have any property in her name.

She said that the only reason she hasn’t divorced Shamhu is because the couple has no house and she has nowhere to go. She also alleged that the two are sleeping in separate bedrooms.

The matter is before Justice Sunsley Zisengwe sitting at the High Court in Masvingo.

Tatyana and Shamhu have two children while Taderera also has two children with her former boss.

Tatyana said she battled anxiety, depression and stress when she discovered in 2019 that her husband was dating Taderera, a nurse aid working at Shamhu Family Surgery in Mucheke. They had one child at that time.

“Shamhu never presented a gift to my family but he bought stand 28578 Runyararo South West from council, developed it and presented it to Taderera’s brother, Innocent as a gift. Taderera is staying in that house and we are staying in a Government house. I only got a car last year but he bought one for her.

“I battled stress, anxiety and depression. I received counselling from a doctor in the USA when I discovered the relationship in 2019. They disregarded my plea and continued with their relationship until 2021. They refer to me as mother in their secret chats. They chat on WhatsApp around midnight when I am asleep,” said Tatyana.

Tatyana is represented by Grace Bwanya of Chihambakwe Law Chambers while Taderera is represented by Pauline Chimwanda.  

After discovering the affair, Tatyana had a meeting with Shamhu and Taderera at the family surgery in Mucheke and they agreed that the relationship be terminated immediately. Taderera was also made to pay US$5 000 as reimbursement for the money Shamhu had spent on her.

 Tatyana however, discovered that the affair was still on in 2021 after going to collect part of the US$5 000 from Taderera’s house. 

“I discovered that the two were still in touch when I went to collect part of the US$ 5 000 payment from Taderera. She left me with her phone and I discovered that they referred to me as mother in their chats,” she added.

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