Masvingo Police intensifies lockdown measures


MASVINGO – Police in Masvingo has intensified lockdown measures today with most people being denied access into the CBD where most shops are closed with heavy Police presence.

Officer commanding Masvingo district Superintendent Gastone Boyce said he has just returned from leave and is to be briefed on the situation.

Sources who spoke to The Mirror however, said the order to intensify the lockdown was issued on Monday evening.

The Mirror has also noted that most shops are or being closed with heavy Police presence at street corners.
Police officers have also been deployed to monitor pathways leading into town and most people are being denied access into the CBD.

There is traffic congestion at Craft Centre and Chimusana Bridge with traffic stretching from Craft Centre to Masvingo Poly and Chikato Police Station.

Motorists from Rhodene are leaving their vehicles parked outside National Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ) with the parked cars stretching to Masvingo Provincial Hospital.

The Mirror has established that the Police are demanding exemption letters, purpose of visit and number of passengers allowed.

Most people are however, getting into the CBD on foot due to an immense shortage of public transport with only a few ZUPCO kombis carrying passengers.

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