Masvingo MP a wife snatcher

Mhaiweee-eee zvangu! Ukanzwa Mhere yakadaii unobva waziva kuti zvinhu hazvina kumira mushe. Murume haawanzi kuridza Mhere sezvamunoziva mose but this one is another level. I don’t know what to say. As you all know people come into your life to either to hold your hand through the life journey or to teach you  life lesson. 

As HOTH ndofunga the last part which says, “some come to teach you a lesson” would apply mostly to that gender which is constantly punched down these days as rapist, murderers, thieves, the list is endless. I mean men. Hear me out guys these Eves will give you sleepless nights. 

HOTH has given up on that ‘alleged’ weaker sex.  Yes, I stand with my statement that it’s an allegation that those creatures, aah sorry my bad, those people are a weaker sex. Those people are perennial liars. That’s the strongest sex ever to live on planet earth if ever there is another sex kkkkkkkkk.

If you think HOTH is lying just check your stats for the current suicides that have swept across the country and left the society clueless. Yes, It’s  men only who are dying for love which shows they are a weaker sex. But imi vapfanha makutijairira manje. You think suicide is cool? Kana musingamugoni mjolo wacho munomuitirei nhai? Makambonzwa madhara enyu achiita mbiri yesuicide here? Nonsense mhani! Musapinda nemoyo vapfanha.

So I just heard that there is this businessman, Missing Person (MP) educationist and sex mogul. Eheka tisu vana HOTH tinotanga kubata patawindi because semazuva ose tinotungamira vamwe vachitevera.

I am told that the guy has invested for much into sekisi that his joy stick has so far enjoyed his money more than any of his family members. As you know wherever it passes by inosiya mhosva dzinoda kuripwa. This time the prick tore into another man’s honey pot for the umpteenth time. 

I heard  a few years ago the same old man was left to count his losses after the hubby of the woman waanga atsotsa beans ran away with all the money he was entrusted with to Mzansi. Kkkkkk seka hako HOTH. Let me try to summarize how this whole drama happened before I get to the latest episode which happened just last week.

HOTH is reliably informed that some time a few days ago the said Missing Person decided to venture into education and opened a private university, college or school. Whatever it is who cares about that anyway. So he contracted a certain woman who was married to this pastor who was ministering his gospel at a church just close to our remind prison to supply school uniforms. 

I am told the woman was renting a room at one of his complexes in town. Unfortunately, he also solicited for the supply of the forbidden fruit. This went on quite well and she religiously supplied both products and the old man decide to dupe the hubby by asking him to buy forex for him as his businesses were getting a lot of RTGS. 

As usual everything went well until the hubby bumped into messages in his wife’s phone. He had a misunderstanding with his wife but latter hatched a plan to fix the old fella who was always having a hand in his coochie jar. So he started buying forex an alarming rate until he wiped the old man’s accounts clean before ghosting both the wife and her boyfriend. I heard he is now based in SA. Ihiii imi mudhara munowanika Mafa neBP mukaita zvekutamba imi.

So this time around he started hitting at that woman he is always seen with in town. Ko Chief Murinye muripiko? Vanhu vaya vamakamboti you are going to castrate, in vernacular of course, vatanga futi! Asi makazoshaiwa bhadhizo racho kanhi? He is hitting someone’s wife again. 

I mean this woman waakaramwirwa vhika rapera uyu akugara kuna Kudzadzarika uyu. Iko kuna kudzadzarika kunombova neyi hanzi madzimai akawanda ndokwavavakugara. I am told it’s now a harem of all mothers of harlots on this planet. So I am told ivo vaya mai vatsvuku vaya ava varikugara vakati take take nababa vaya ndolatest person to join the Kudzadzarika crew. Let’s call her Dzvuke.

Saka hanzi murume waDzvuke was not suspecting anything until his young brother came from Mzanzi. I am told after making a few rounds in town he picked that his brother’s wife was the topic of the town. So he went back and told his brother before taking him kumasowe kwaanonzi aka rutsiswa ndobava apihwa muteyo wekuti abate these cheating love birds. 

I heard he was told that anovabata within a few days. True to the word of Madzibaba after just a few days murume mukuru akaridza Mhere awana that old man huffing and puffing during the act right in their matrimonial bed. Toita sei nevanhu veMasvingo. Chief Murinye batai munhu mayekera aya uyo.  

He did not take any action but just told the man kuti tungamirai henyu mhuri yenyu ichitevera. So I heard Dzvuke is now staying in Kudzadzarika. Haa pakaipa apa. I will give you more details later. For now I am off to gather more information.   

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