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Masvingo man shoots at sex worker to avoid paying

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Masvingo man shoots at sex worker to avoid paying



MASVINGO-Magistrate Elizabeth Hanzi has postponed the trial of a Masvingo man who allegedly discharged a firearm at a sex worker’s place after he refused to pay for her services.
Tafadzwa Magombedze is facing charges of contravening the Firearms Act. He pleaded guilty and will be back in court for sentencing.
The incident happened on May 9, 2024, in Mucheke.
Circumstances are that Magombedze engaged the services of the sex worker (name withheld) and they had sexual intercourse.
After having sex, the complainant asked for her money and Magombedze refused to pay her. A dispute arose between them and Magombedze alleged that the woman had stolen his money.
He withdrew a star pistol, pointed it at the complainant and fired a warning shot into the air. He then left her lodgings.
The sex worker filed a Police report and Magombedze was tracked and arrested. Police recovered a Star pistol with four live rounds of ammunition and one spent cartridge.
The pistol is certified and belongs to Bullion in transit.

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