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Masvingo launches Service Delivery Charter

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Masvingo launches Service Delivery Charter


Hillary Nduweni
Masvingo – Masvingo City has launched a Service Delivery Charter whose main objective is to set minimum service standards that residents and stakeholders must expect from the local authority.

The charter also becomes the basis by which stakeholders can complain against the City Council and its employees when there are grievances over service.
The charter was launched by the deputy mayor Wellington Mahwende at a function at the City Council last month which was also attended by the town clerk, residents and other stakeholders.

The Mirror attended the function.
The Charter is a result of wide consultations with residents and the process was financially supported by Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance and a technical team from Local Government.
“The charter expresses the minimum level of expected services in terms of quality and time that Masvingo City Council commits to deliver to its clients. The charter is one of the many documents signaling the local Authority’s commitment to service its clients in an open, inclusive and collaborative manner,” said Mahwende.

Those not happy with the service are required to direct their complaints to the town clerk.
The charter has specifics on how a service is given and the maximum time that such a service must be delivered. It also spells out the quality and cost that stakeholders should expect from a service.

For example, written grievances or enquiries must be responded to within a City Council ambulance must collect a patient within 15 minutes of call, sewer blockage must be attended within 24 hours, road related maintenance emergencies must be carried out with 48 hours, grass cutting at cemeteries once a year, refuse collection must happen at least once every week, residents must receive piped water for at least 6 hours a day, production of a procurement plan for domestic must not take more than 30 days and international 90 days while implementation of a disposal plan must happen twice a year.
The Public Relations Department is obliged to update its website at least once every month while spot checks for audit are done at least once every month. Meetings between business and council must take place once every quarter.

The vision spelt out in the charter is that Masvingo must be an industrialised world class metropolitan City by 2030. The mission is to provide adequate and sustainable municipal service to clients and diverse socio-economic development opportunities to all stakeholders.
“Today marks a very important chapter in the city of Masvingo service delivery journey wherein we are launching service delivery charter that was developed through a robust and inclusive participatory process. Representatives from various organizations and the community participated in the formulation of the charter. The charter will act as a yardstick for measuring performance of council in its service delivery mandates” said Mahwende.

“The service charter is set to provide a mechanism for reporting unsatisfactory performance as a check and balance. If residents are dissatisfied with a service that they have been offered, they have a right to formally complain with senior council management,” said Mahwende.

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