Masvingo Covid-19 testing centre closed for a week


MASVINGO – Masvingo’s only Covid-19 testing centre which serves the province’s estimated 1. 6 million people has been closed for a week now because it has run out of test kits.

The situation leaves the province in grave danger of the silent spread of the killer virus particularly as Masvingo borders South Africa which reached shocking 100 covid-19 deaths per day this week.

Provincial Covid-19 Taskforce spokesperson Rodgers Irimayi confirmed the situation in a telephone interview with The Mirror.

The center which uses TB testing equipment to test for Covid-19 was testing an average of 40 patients per day.

The development causes more concern as inmates in the province’s three quarantine centres of Mushagashe, Bikita and Rupangwana spent more than 21 days without being tested as a result of lack of testing equipment.

Last week there was a riotous situation at Mushagashe Quarantine centre where inmates complained against inhuman living conditions and the fact that some had gone for 21 days in the center without being tested.

The province has 53 positive cases and of those 38 are active while 15 have survived.

Samples from 19 inmates, seven at Alford Training Centre and 12 at Mushagashe Training Centre were sent to Harare last week for tests.

Masvingo Province has a porous border with South Africa used by hundreds of Zimbabweans to sneak back into the country.

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