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Masvingo Council proposing 24 new by-laws 

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Masvingo Council proposing 24 new by-laws 


Simbarashe Mtembo


MASVINGO–Masvingo Council is proposing 24 new by-laws and is inviting stakeholders to a consultative meeting at the Civic Centre tomorrow, Friday March 3, 2023.

Many local authorities around the country have been operating without by-laws and currently they are working on this process. By-laws enable local authorities to enforce law and order in their areas of jurisdiction.

Critical among the by-laws that are being proposed by Masvingo City Council are probably Sale of meat products which is becoming a serious issue as the sale of uninspected meat is rampant.

The naming of buildings and streets has been another controversial issue where residents wake up to find new names to the streets without knowing where they came from, the justification or the process followed.

Residents of Masvingo have for example complained against streets being named after individuals of dubious history with no inspiration to the nation. There are also complaints against the naming of hundreds of streets in the country after one or two persons. There are individuals who have one or more streets named after them in every district in the country.

There is also another by-law on the occupation of council property which has also had its controversies not only in Masvingo but with many other local authorities. In Masvingo there was an outcry over a councillor occupying a council house when he is supposed to be a regulator.

The siting of boreholes has also been an issue and Masvingo City Council is proposing a by-law in that area.

“We are currently in the process of drafting by-laws for the City…We are kindly inviting you to a stakeholder engagement session which will be held on Friday 3 March in the Civic Centre Town hall from 8: 30 am,” reads part of the invitation.

Full list of proposed draft by-laws

  1. Development Control by-laws
  2. Taxi and Cab by-laws
  3. Occupation of Council Properties by-laws
  4. Air pollution by-laws
  5. Informal trading by-laws
  6. Proceedings of Meetings by-laws
  7. Regulation of derelict, unoccupied and dangerous buildings
  8. Roads by-laws
  9. Encroachment-projections on property by-laws
  10. Disclosure of documents and publication of proceedings by-laws
  11. Land management by-laws
  12. Burning of vegetation and prevention of fires by-laws
  13. Boreholes and wells management by-laws
  14. Wildlife Management by-laws
  15. Prohibition of use of commercial shops backrooms and outbuildings for human habitation by-laws
  16. Specified business by-laws
  17. Forestry produce by-laws
  18. Regulation funeral parlors and mortuaries by-laws
  19. Boarding house regulation by-laws
  20. Naming of buildings and Streets by-laws
  21. Sale of meat products by-laws
  22. Protection of water sources by-laws
  23. Inspections by-laws
  24. Management of infectious diseases by-laws

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