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Masvingo City ‘withdraws’ towing contract from Thunder Run

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Masvingo City ‘withdraws’ towing contract from Thunder Run



MASVINGO – City of Masvingo has resolved to acquire a tow truck for vehicles clamped in the Central Business District (CBD) as the local authority is losing revenue by outsourcing the service to Thunder Run.
Councillors resolved to acquire a small tow truck during a full council meeting held at the Civic Centre recently.
Initially the councillors tasked Town Clerk Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa to explore reviewing the terms of the contract it entered with Thunder Run in the first full council meeting held in January.
“On towing away fees, the committee raised concern that council was losing revenue by outsourcing towing services. The committee also raised the issue that Thunder Run was benefitting more from towing services by charging exorbitant fees while Council was charging minimal fees on offenders,” reads part of Health, Housing, and Environmental Services committee meeting minutes of January 10, 2024.
Thunder Run charges US$100 for towing a clamped vehicle from the CBD to Masvingo City workshop opposite Chitima Market. Council charges US$20 clamping fees and a penalty for the offense committed by the driver.
A full council meeting held last Monday at the Civic Centre, however, resolved that council should not outsource towing service and instead purchase its own town truck.
“It is hereby resolved that we purchase a small tow truck and management should explore its options for buying the truck,” said Mayor Aleck Tabe.
Meanwhile council also proposed a study tour to Harare City Council run Rufaro Stadium as the City is preparing to upgrade Mucheke Stadium. Councillors argued that Mucheke Stadium should be well maintained to host Premier Soccer League (PSL) matches.
“Bikita Minerals opted for Gibbo Stadium in Triangle for its PSL matches but Mucheke Stadium is here. We need to upgrade our stadia so that we attract PSL team in the province. I suggest that we conduct a study visit of Rufaro Stadium,” said Ward 10 Councillor Sengerai Manyanga.

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