Masvingo City engineer suspended

Tawanda Gozo

Tawanda Homba

Masvingo – Masvingo Mayor councillor Collen Maboke has suspended City engineer Tawanda Gozo with immediate effect.
Gozo is being accused of incompetency.

Maboke instructed the Town Clerk, Edward Mukaratirwa to effect the suspension between today and Monday in accordance with Section 140 of the Urban Councils Act.

Gozo’s cases emanates from the unprecedented water crisis that is facing Zimbabwe’s oldest town for the last two weeks, the poor drainage system exposed by the current heavy rains and the bad state of the roads.

The suspension was announced during a special full council meeting attended by The Mirror at the civic centre today.

The meeting blamed Gozo for failing to act timeously to address the issue of a broken down Zesa transformer at the Bushmead Water Works that has seen the city running dry. The councillors also accused him of failing to rectify the problem of dirty water that has been running in the City’s pipes since three weeks ago.

“He lacks follow-ups on serious issues and council is not happy with his level of competency,” the meeting heard.

Gozo is also said to have failed to resolve simple issues that have been nagging the City since 2016.

“There was a breakdown of a transformer at Bushmead in 2016 and the transformer was taken for repairs by Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC). Despite several follow ups, no steps were taken to repair the transformer until another burst on December 2020,” reads part of a document that was produced during the meeting.

“Masvingo City has a history of providing residents with clean and safe water but those standards have fallen and the engineer is the one to blame. Masvingo City has the youngest Mayor and an engineer for its town clerk and it reflects negatively on us. The engineer is suspended with immediate effect,” said Maboke to the applause from councillors.

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