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Masvingo City accused of ferrying people to Chamisa rally

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Masvingo City accused of ferrying people to Chamisa rally



Mirror Reporter

MASVINGO – ZANU PF councillor Sengerayi Manyanga has accused Masvingo City Council of using the local authority’s vehicles to ferry CCC supporters to attend Nelson Chamisa’s recent star rally.

He was joined in the statement by his colleague Councillor Against Chiteme who said that the vehicles carried supporters to the rally held at Rujeko in Masvingo on March 27 2022.

The councillors made the accusations during a full council meeting on Monday last week.

Mayor Collen Maboke however, said that there should be a separation of council vehicles at the rally and council vehicles ferrying supporters. He said that it was possible that council vehicles were at the rally for other business which he said was normal.

He however, said that investigation must be carried out on the matter.

“As councillors we must stop using council vehicles at political rallies. We saw council vehicles ferrying supporters to attend the Rujeko rally. We all have our parties if we do the same with our parties it won’t go down well with you,” said Manyanga.

“The town clerk has to make an investigation. The vehicles might have been doing council business and that there was a rally was just a coincidence,” said Maboke.

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