Mashava goes for 2 months without water


MASVINGO – The small mining town of Mashava has reportedly gone for two months without water.

This is forcing the town’s 15 000 residents to fetch the precious liquid from unsafe sources.

Ward 33 councillor Tawanda Dube confirmed the crisis in an interview with The Mirror.

“We haven’t had water since last year. There is a crisis here,” he said.

Great Zimbabwe University which is responsible for water supplies to the town also confirmed the problem but said residents were receiving water though the quantities are reduced because the pump that fed the town was submerged by floods.

GZU spokesperson Anderson Chipatiso said there was no crisis.

“There is no water crisis. We lost a pump because of the incessant rains. We have since installed a smaller pump which supplies water to the town but in reduced volumes.

“We are rationing water supplies which means residents are getting water twice per day,” said Chipatiso.

The affected suburbs are Westonlee, Gath’s Mine, King Mine, Temeraire Mine and Eastville.

“We haven’t had water since December, we now depend on a borehole for our water supply. We now live in fear of water borne diseases,” said a resident who declined to be named.

ZINWA public relations officer for Masvingo William Mugadziwa said his organization was not responsible for water supplies to the affected areas.

“Those are not our areas. We are responsible for water supplies to Bere Township, Bere suburbs, Balmain shopping area, Lenox Mine, and surrounding communal areas,” said Mugadziwa.

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