Marisa brings safe drinking water to Mashava


MASHAVA-More than 100 households will get safe and clean water courtesy of a borehole that has been sunk in the mining village of Mashava by transport mogul Tasunungurwa Marisa last week.

The borehole has since been installed with a water pump powered by solar and is part of Marisa’s projects meant to benefit disadvantaged communities in Masvingo, he told The Mirror.

“I grew up in Mashava and there are serious water problems in the town hence I decided to drill this borehole as part of giving back to the community where I was raised. It pains me to see people walking distances of 5 to 10km looking for the precious liquid,” said the business cum musician.

Marisa who is based in South Africa has made several donations to Covid-19 isolation centres in Masvingo and Mucheke Old People’s home.

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