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Marapira finally distributes Presidential knapsacks

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Marapira finally distributes Presidential knapsacks


Garikai Mafirakureva

MASVINGO-Masvingo North MP, Davis Marapira has finally distributed 643 Presidential Scheme knapsacks to councillors, Masvingo Rural District Ward 32 councillor, Stephen Munyenyiwa who is Marapira’s coordinator has confirmed to The Mirror.

Marapira collected the knapsacks valued at more than US$13 566 from Masvingo Grain Marketing Board (GMB) last Monday, but their whereabouts remained unknown leading people to suspect that the knapsacks could have been stashed away so he could use them for his 2023 election campaign.

An irate and bragging Marapira only told The Mirror Editor Garikai Mafirakureva that he is a multi-millionaire and would not steal knapsacks. He threatened to take legal action against the newspaper.

“I am a multi-millionaire. I don’t steal knapsacks. I am going to sue you,” said Marapira curtly. 

However, speaking in an interview at The Mirror offices, Munyenyiwa said each of the nine councillors in Masvingo North constituency received at least 71 knapsacks.

“Yes, I can confirm that we distributed the knapsacks to all the councillors today at MP Marapira’s farm. Each councillor received at least 71 knapsacks and there was a remainder of four. After the distribution the councillors also received beans at GMB.

Allegations were that Marapira handed over the knapsacks to Brian Mudhumi who is said to be one of the aspiring candidates for the Zanu PF primaries in Masvingo North. The sources said that Mudhumi is Marapira’s favourite candidate as Marapira himself is now switching constituencies to Zaka.

The knapsacks are part of the Presidential Agriculture Input Scheme to support farmers, and all the councillors, some officials from Zanu PF and AREX employees are supposed to be part of the distribution team.

The sources also said Marapira is determined to block Pascal Mudzikisi and Albert Mangena, the other candidates seeking a Zanu PF ticket in the Masvingo North primary elections.

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