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Maramba elected Junior MP for Mberengwa

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Maramba elected Junior MP for Mberengwa


Sibonguthando Dube


MBERENGWA-Thandiwe Maramba doing Form 2 at Dove Secondary School has been elected the new Junior MP for Mberengwa North.

She was elected at a meeting held in Harare last week.

The elections involved the conducting of debates from which the electors will base their choice and Maramba replaces Denzel Tonga from Chegato High School who is the outgoing junior MP.

Mberengwa North MP Tafanana Zhou said he was happy with the Maramba’s election adding that it was a good idea to allow children to participate in Government.

“It is good to allow children to participate in Parliament. These junior MPs cover a lot of gaps that we cannot manage as adult MPs especially when addressing issues to do with drug abuse and other issues affecting young people. I extend my gratitude to the Maramba family and Dove Secondary School for molding such a girl,” said Zhou.

The new MP thanked her school and family for the support that they gave her in pursuit of her new office.

“In Parliament we were tasked to debate about possible way of eliminating harmful practices affecting children. I won the competition and was selected as the chief whip of Parliament,” said Maramba.

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