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Manyame RDC to demolish illegal structures

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Manyame RDC to demolish illegal structures



BEATRICE-Manyame Rural District Council (RDC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Farirai Guta has said illegal structures mushrooming across peri-urban farms in the growing district will be demolished.
She told The Mirror in an interview that the structures at Braemer, Cawdo, Dunnotar, Edinburg, Longlands, Tantallon, Murisa Rural Service Center and Seke Commercial especially in Chinamano, Musoko, and Savanhu, Kuora, Murisa and Nechiva villagers will be demolished.
“We filed a court application to have the structures demolished. Demolitions will begin once the court grants our order. Illegal settlements will not be regularised. Council has no plan to urbanize Seke Commercial lands,” she said.
The local authority also posted a statement on its official Facebook urging home seekers not to occupy land on the peri-urban farms.
“Manyame RDC notes with deep concern the mushrooming of new illegal structures in the six per-urban farms of Manyame. Members of the public are hereby strongly warned against illegally occupying land in the six peri-urban farms and Seke commercial under a false hope that their structures will be regularized.
“Accordingly, the public is further implored against entertaining any persons or people who may come forward purportedly representing council in the state and other Government institutions. All illegal structures will be demolished. Please be advised that the development of land can only take place where there is an approved layout plan, development permit or valid lease agreement, further to that, individuals should have duly approved building plans, and all construction stages must be approved by council. The council has no plan to urbanize Seke Commercial lands,” reads the notice.
The majority of residents who flocked the peri-urban farms and erected structure were allegedly swindled by land barons who purported to be representing the local authority.

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