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Manyame RDC starts budget consultations

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Manyame RDC starts budget consultations


Theresa Zibowa
Mirror Reporter

Manyame – Manyame Rural District Council started its budget consultation meetings last week.
However, two of the three meetings scheduled for October 17, 2023 could not take place because of the heavy rains that pounded the area on the day.
Councilor Samuel Danisa confirmed the cancellation of the meetings.
The meeting that was not disturbed by the rains took place at Beatrice Beer Hall in Ward 13. At the meeting, residents proposed a number of things including the need for recreation facilities in the area, building of toilets, installation of piped water, and fencing of Manyame Cemetery.
One woman who attended the meeting argued for the need to fence the cemetery because at one time the body of a baby buried there was found the next day being dragged by dogs.
Manyame Chief Executive officer (CEO) Farirai Guta who attended the meeting assured residents that their proposals were going to be attended to. She urged residents to pay their levies so that there are resources to carry out proposed projects.
“We are going to make sure that as council we do our best to look into every proposal but we also would like you to co-operate with council by paying your levies so that we make Ward 13 a better community,” said Guta.
The meetings affected by the rains were supposed to be at Lyne and Nyakasikana Primary School.

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