Manyame RDC sinks 8 boreholes for 10 000 stands



BEATRICE – Manyame Rural District Council (RDC) is sinking eight solar-powered boreholes to supply water to Murisa, a suburb in Beatrice that started off as an illegal settlement and is now being formalised.

Manyame RDC Chief Executive Officer, Farirai Guta told The Mirror that the suburb is being restructured and a number of programmes are being implemented to see this through.

She said that the boreholes are being sunk to ensure safe and adequate water for the suburbs 10 000 stands.

People settled in wetlands and places now designated for schools, churches and business centres will be moved and settled in other places to allow development to take place.

The boreholes are being sunk at a total cost of RTGS$ 2.400.000 and these are already in place, said Guta. The resolution to go the borehole route followed a feasibility study by an expert who concluded that underground water was a solution to the water problems in the area.

“We engaged a consultant who carried out feasibility studies and the results were that we can use ground water to supply water to Murisa. We have completed sinking eight solar-powered boreholes and the next step is now to come up with an engineering design of this project.

“We resorted to the idea of ground water because we dont have water bodies like dams that can supply water to the area,” said Guta.

The borehole project is expected to be completed before year end.

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