Manyame RDC repossess 60% undeveloped stands

MANYAME – Manyame Rural District Council (RDC) has repossessed 60% of undeveloped land and stands at Murisa Business Centre in Chitungwiza near Harare from land barons who are failing to make developments.
This was said by Manyame RDC Chief Executive Officer Farirai Guta in a telephone interview with The Mirror.
Guta said her local authority made a blunder by allocating large swathes of land to bogus land developers who had no capacity to make developments. She accused the land barons of getting the land just to line their pockets by selling undeveloped stands.
The land was also being repossessed in order to free it for development by reallocating it to developers with the financial means. Stands where structures have remained undeveloped for a long time are also being repossessed.
“We made a big blunder in the past by selling land to developers who have no capacity to develop the district. We have examples like the late Frederick Mabamba who sold the land to line up his pockets without making any developments on the ground,” she said.
Mabamba operated the United We Stand Housing Cooperative in Murisa Business Centre which he later sold to desperate home seekers who had no potential to develop.
” We are currently repossessing land given to pseudo land developers and we are 60 percent complete with the exercise,” she said.
Guta said undeveloped stands and those that had uncompleted structures for a long time are in the process of being repossessed.
Ward 8 Councillor Tichaona Munhunepi said that there was also need to reorganise some of the settlements after the land barons allocated stands in places where there are supposed to be public facilities like schools and clinics.

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