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Manhize, a city in the making

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Manhize, a city in the making



It is evident that Chibhoraniland, the sleeping giant is slowly awakening. What is happening in rural Chirumhanzu, yes ikoko Manhize kwanga kuri kumachonyonyo, is most wonderfully wonderful. We are told of the establishment of this hugely huge steel plant that is going to be the hugest in the whole of the African continent. Wow!! Isn’t this something to write home about? You see steel and development are close friends, like the trousers and the belt. You cannot have any meaningful development without infrastructure. To have good infrastructure you need steel especially when you want to put up structures like dams, bridges, buildings and others. Steel is needed to make a host of items that are needed for our everyday use.

Currently major components of the plant are on their way from South Africa and work is progressing on the power line that will bring electricity to the plant. While we appreciate the efforts being made to put up this plant that will put Chibhoraniland on the African and global steel maps, we would like to see not just a steel plant coming up, but a modern and futuristic town that will eventually develop into a fully-fledged city. We already have examples of Redclif, Zvishavane, Shurugwi and Mashava that were built around mining ventures. For starters Government should ensure that the responsible company will provide good and modern housing for its workers including state of the art health, education and sporting facilities. Other stakeholders will come in with banks, supermarkets, and other businesses. We do not want to see plant workers living in dormitories or Wenera style hostels where they cannot stay with their families.

Nada, kwete, taramba. That would be apartheid, far from the development towards Vision 2030 we want to achieve. Let us see a brand new beautiful town developing here. Shall we call it Manhize? Yes, Manhize town and later city is good enough. This will make the Midlands one of the most if not the most urbanized provinces as it already has a good number of cities and towns that include Gweru, Kwekwe, Zvishavane, Shurugwi, Redcliff, Gokwe and Mvuma. Manhize, the next Midlands urban centre should never be a shanty town, rather it should be better than them all. So says Sekuru Taurai. Ndataura. 

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