Manager threatens to ‘deal’ with Chipinge Times reporter

Farai Matebvu
BUHERA – A former branch manager with Solten Financial Services, a money lending company has threatened drastic action against Chipinge Times Bureau Chief Fungai Munyoro for reporting on his fraud case which is before the courts.
Munyoro has since reported the threats to Chipinge Police under docket with RRB number 4848506.
“I am coming for you Fungai Fufu Munyoro,” said Evans Maronga in a WhatsApp message to Munyoro.
Maronga was dragged to court by his former employer for an alleged fraud that prejudiced the company of $53 0000. Maronga is out on RTGS$5 000 bail.
Maronga warned Munyoro not ‘to touch’ him if she wanted to live in peace in the small eastern town. He also warned the young journalist that she was getting out of bounds by reporting on his court case. He threatened unspecified action.
“Kana uchada zvekufara muno muChipinge tiremekedzewo, kana usiri kuziva tinosangana mberi ikoko.
“Wakudziirwa manje, kana musingazive zvirikuitika bvunzai kune isu varidzi venyaya tokuudzai,” wrote Maronga.
Muyoro told Chipinge Times that she is now working in fear of her life.
“The threats are chilling and I now fear for my life. Maronga is not disputing the story but just trying to gag the Press” said Munyoro.
Munyoro however, said that the law and the Constitution of the land are on her side and she will therefore continue to do her duties.
Maronga appeared before Chipinge Magistrate Elizabeth Hanzi.
Timothy Katsande represented the State.

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