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Man killed for proposing love to sister-in-law

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Man killed for proposing love to sister-in-law


Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira


MUTARE – A 40 –year-old man from Odzi was assaulted and killed by his brother last week after proposing love to the accused’s wife.

Manicaland Police spokesperson Nobert Muzondo confirmed the incident and said they have since arrested Elson Mawocha (42) of Village 27 Mt Zonwe Chief Marange in Odzi in connection with the murder.

He allegedly killed his younger brother Morgan Mawocha. Muzondo said the deceased met Elson’s wife Fungai Virimai; and proposed love to her. Virimai refused Morgan’s proposal. Virimai went back home and reported the issue to her husband.

Morgan later followed Virimai using his bicycle. His plan was allegedly to go and cover up the issue. When he arrived at Elson’s place, he kicked the door violently and demanded to see Virimai. 

An argument ensued, and Elson picked up a wooden stick and assaulted Morgan all over the body. He repeatedly struck Morgan with the wooden stick until he could not walk.

Elson forced Morgan to get out of his compound, and he collapsed on his way.

A passerby saw Morgan’s body lying by the footpath facing upwards. 

He had bruises on his hands, ears and swollen buttocks. 

The matter was reported to Police leading to Elson’s arrest. 

Muzondo urged people not to resort to violence when differences arise.

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