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Man impersonates bus driver to get free meals

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Man impersonates bus driver to get free meals



CHIKOMBA-A Harare man allegedly received free meals from Chivhu Eat and Lick for two months after lying that he was an inspector with Inter Africa Bus Services.
Magistrate Sharon Nxongo postponed the sentencing of Tawanda Shoko (23) of 1714 Zone 5, Hopely, Harare, to a later date when he appeared in court early this week.
Shoko allegedly produced a fake Inter-Africa Bus Services identity card to Eat and Lick security supervisor Muchafara Manjanga sometime in July 2023. He misrepresented that he was employed by Inter-Africa Bus Services.
Shoko began receiving free meals from Eat and Lick from June-August 2023.
The complainant acted upon such misrepresentation on various occasions and gave free meals to the accused person since the complainant has a policy of giving free meals to bus service staff members.
The matter was discovered when Manjanga over heard people from Inter-Africa bus complaining that the accused person used fake identity card to get food from Eat n Lick.
Ray Tsikayi prosecuted.

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