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Man flees, leaves trousers after raping friend’s wife

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Man flees, leaves trousers after raping friend’s wife


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CHIREDZI – A man from Village 2, Mungwezi, Chief Neromwe in Chiredzi has been arrested after he sneaked into his friend’s house and raped the wife.
The complainant only realised that the man lying on top of her was not her husband after penetration had taken place. She fought back, accidentally pressed her mobile phone light and realised that the predator was Kuchinanani Mataruse (36).
He bolted out of the room naked and left his pair of trousers and shoes behind.
Mataruse who is not married told Regional Magistrate Judith Zuyu that he mistook his friend’s homestead as his because he was intoxicated after drinking a lot of amarula.

He was remanded in custody to June 15, 2022.
Prosecutor Noel Muranda said on February 20, 2022 at around 9pm, Mataruse went to his friend’s homestead who is his neighbour and asked for cigarettes. The complainant who was already asleep told her that her husband who could help him was away.
Mataruse did not reply and the complainant assumed that the accused had gone away and she went back to sleep. The accused then sneaked into the room and the complainant who was asleep only realised that there was somebody lying on her after penetration had taken place.
Mataruse then fled the scene naked, leaving his pair of trousers and shoes.
The woman went to her in-laws homestead to report the matter leading to the arrest of Mataruse.
“On the said day I had too much amarula beer and I was highly intoxicated that I wouldn’t know where I put my shirt,” said Mataruse.
Mataruse also told the court that he went to his neighbor’s homestead thinking that he had reached his homestead.
“When I reached the complainant’s homestead, I thought that I was at home so whilst I was outside I then removed my pair of trousers and shoes to sleep since I am accustomed to sleeping naked,” said Mataruse.

He said that it was when he started feeling cold that he realised that he was sleeping outside.
“I then proceeded to open the door (whilst naked) and little did I know that I was opening my neighbour’s door not mine.
“When the complainant saw me, she screamed and I realised that I was at the wrong place and I ran away,” said the accused.
The complainant insisted that she was raped. A nephew of the complaint said they heard the woman’s screams and when she and others rushed to the scene they found the accused’s clothes outside the house.
Mataruse was later caught hiding in a nearby bush.
Magistrate Zuyu will deliver the judgment on June 15, 2021. Noel Muranda represented the State.

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