Man axes wife to death, hangs self over love message

Elizabeth Mashiri
Midlands Bureau

Gweru – A love message that allegedly appeared in a Gweru woman’s phone left a trail of disaster after a jealous husband axed his wife to death before hanging himself from the roof of their house.

The two were on separation over marital squabbles.

Midlands Province Police Spokesperson Joel Goko confirmed the incident.

Sources said that on August 10, 2020 Pride Hove of Hertfordshire, Phase 2, Gweru killed his wife Patience Matura (22) before hanging himself from the roof after he saw a text message from a suspected lover.

On the day, Hove’s uncle Swedi Phiri called the former’s neighbour from Masvingo and requested him to check on the couple since he heard that they were having a domestic dispute.

The neighbour met the two and left after resolving the differences.

Phiri returned from Masvingo the following day and found Hove hanging from the roof.

He rushed and made a report to the Police and when the Police searched the place they found Matura’s lifeless body with an axe on the neck in another room.

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